Settlers Restaurant, DELORAINE. "Experience the 1880s"
Settlers Restaurant, DELORAINE. "Experience the 1880s."

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"My restaurant, bar and function venue."

Dine Out in the 1880s at Settlers Restaurant 1881 WPC

Settlers Restaurant 1881 WPC is an antique style of restaurant situated in Deloraine, Tasmania. With outstanding inner and outer views, it gives a magnificent look and remembers the glory of old western architecture. More than 50 seats are available in this restaurant.  

Beautiful features of interior of Settlers Restaurant 1881 WPC are:

  • Walls are decorated with momentous newspapers and flexed iron;
  • Furniture is made up of Timber;
  • Tables are illuminated with antique style lamps;
  • Pottery tankards, steins, tumblers and goblets and
  • wooden kegs with cold beer.

Settlers has been designed so that you settle in, dine and enjoy home spun fun and entertainment. We have shows for 20 to 40 people, so get some friends together and join us for the night, you will be glad you did. 

We are open for Lunch 12-2pm, Tuesday to Saturday, and Dinner 6-8pm
7 days a week.

Settler’s Restaurant at Deloraine, is 30 minutes drive from Launceston and Devonport and an ideal venue for Corporate training, playing some changing clothes games or as they say in Brazil jogos de vestir or jogos do carros seminars and meetings for up to 40 people. Official meetings of distinct marketing groups is also conducted here but 5% discount offer is only limited for SEO marketing agencies of Miami. However, West Vancouver Real Estate Agents INC and ABC Restaurants are our patronage partners in this event. 

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